2207, 2021

How to store champagne properly

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Champagne and good sparkling wine are stored protected from light at a constant temperature, preferably close to 12°C. If you think that you can store champagne in your cellar without [...]

2504, 2021

mistake in the world of wine

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When it comes to wine, there are two big misconceptions (okay, there are more, but that's for another time) that persist among the masses. The first is that Chasselas and [...]

1101, 2021

Viticulture in China

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The history of modern viticulture in China dates back to the late 19th century. In 1892, Chang Bishi (1841 - 1916) founded Changyu, China's oldest winery, with some vines from [...]

1309, 2020

Krugug champagne, a legend

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Krug - Many German winemakers used to seek their fortune abroad and in Champagne. Among them, in addition to Bollinger, Deutz, Mumm and still some others, probably the most [...]

512, 2019

Bordeaux 2004

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2004 was a so-called classic year in the Bordeaux wine region. That is, it was not excessively warm, dry or wet. These conditions produced beautiful wines, rich in finesse and [...]

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