We are behind Wine Storage Italy

Stefan Keiser

Founder Stefan Keiser, experienced real estate developer, investor and wine collector, had the idea of ​​opening his first wine warehouse in Switzerland in 2020 – a “Swiss bank” so that wine as an investment can continue to develop under perfect conditions.

Milan, as the Italian financial metropolis with a high eating and drinking culture, has a special attraction and is the first expansion abroad and in Italy.

Rainer Schönfeld

I was born in 1969 in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, grew up in Düsseldorf and came to wine in 1994 during my doctoral studies through a laboratory colleague from Italy. Cooking and wine have remained my passion ever since. For me, wine is a pleasure with which I deal as a hedonist and connoisseur every day. As a scientist and chemist, I also follow with interest the research on the chemistry of wine. A sound scientific knowledge and the mystical experience wine can provide are not a contradiction for me!

I lived and worked on three different continents. I used the experience to become intensively involved with foreign cuisines and the regional wines. I like to spend my vacations in wine regions in Germany, the rest of Europe and all over the world. Professionally, I work in a technology industry that has no connections to wine.

As a lover and connoisseur of aged wines, I deal intensively with many topics, especially the handling of awesome and sometimes very old wines. I like to share my knowledge and write from time to time for Weinkeller Schweiz.