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We would like to share our knowledge with you. Here you will find our latest articles on the subject of wine.

Is Wine a good alternative investment?

An investment in wine is the new safe haven. A tip on which wines you should focus on. The financial world is in a bit of a mess at the moment and one bad news follows the next. A silver lining on the horizon is certainly the wine and the art, whereby we would like to take a closer look at an investment in wine. Because wine is not a bad investment in times of falling stock markets, exploding inflation, crumbling Bitcoin, and a recession just around the corner, and an old adage is becoming more relevant than ever again: [...]

By |15. August 2022|Uncategorized|

Farewell to Château Angélus

Will the departure of Château Angélus from the Saint-Émilion classification system have an impact on wine sales? The classification system in Bordeaux has been in place since 1855 when Napoleon III demanded it. And in the future? Perhaps it needs a new emperor again to enforce a new wine classification. Because originally no wine from Saint-Emilion made it into this 1855 classification, the region's leaders decided, 100 years later, to create their own classification, which would be updated about every 10 years. But France no longer has a dictator, and perhaps the American culture is more influential than they want [...]

By |6. January 2022|Bordeaux|

Why professional wine storage makes sense

25° in the shade is usually the ideal average for us humans, at which we feel comfortable. But if you leave your wine to these temperatures, it will have very little joy and you will have even less later. Above all, wine storage temperatures that are too high but also fluctuate greatly can have a strong negative effect on the wine, if not even ruin it. Other negative influences are too low humidity and odor emissions. From our experience, we can state that the storage conditions for wine in residential buildings are very rarely optimal. Photo by Biljana Martinić [...]

By |31. August 2021|Uncategorized|

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